Friday, February 6, 2009

This Just In!

Hey all of my fellow bloggers. So, Aunt Vicki pointed out I'm not exactly a frequent, I'm not. Which is sad because a lot has happened since our last blog.

First, as you know we bought a house and after multiple late nights and looooong weekends we finally finished the downstairs floor with a nice mahogany wood. We have all the "big stuff" done like paint, flooring and carpet. However, now we have all of the "little stuff" like putting up closet doors, getting baseboards, cabinet knobs and different knick-knacks like that. Now, with this 70 degree weather it's almost time to start our outdoor adventures of owning a house. Seriously...never ending.

Second, we have a dog!!! His name is Benson and used to live with Brandon, Tina and Baby Avery. He was one of two dogs and they graciously gave him to us and they kept the other dog, Bauer. Benson is a Cock-a-poo (Cocker Spaniel mixed with Poodle). He is adorable and such a good dog. He is sooo funny. He knows all of his toys by name and when he takes a toy outside with him he will set it by the step before he comes in so the next time he goes outside he knows exactly where it is. Yeah, he's a little OCD.

Third, we are of course in a new ward because we moved. I was kind of sad to leave my primary kids...I taught the seven and eight year olds. I was going through withdrawals a few Sundays ago. Daven and I now serve as ward missionaries. We are initiating a new ward mission plan and it is an absolutely amazing experience. It's really indescribable and we LOVE it.

Fourth, my mom followed us home from Nebraska after Christmas and helped us haul out all of my stuff from high school and such. She also gave us our family's old dinning room table and an old, mini-organ. So, I can now pseudo play the organ, but only hymns from the simplified simplified hymn book. Poor Daven is just about sick of hearing "Sweet is the Work."

Fifth...let's see, I guess there really isn't a fifth. you know how I need to post pictures? Yeah, well we took our camera to Idaho when we went to pick up Benson and I haven't seen it since. I know we brought it home, but I'm not sure where it is. I would have posted before we went to Idaho, but we didn't get the Internet until a few weeks ago and by the time I get home from work the library is closed.'ll see the pictures when I see the camera :)

I'll need to find my camera soon because Daven and I are going to Nebraska the beginning of March for my sister, Desiree's, wedding.

Anyway, no...I didn't fall off the face of the earth...blogging earth maybe but not the real one :)