Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Un-blogger is Back from the Dead

HELLO FROM DENVER!! is our update.
Since I last posted, I have become an aunt two times over. My middle sister, Desiree, had her little Elsie Maline at the end of August. Daven and I went to Nebraska for the baby blessing. It was so special! Little Elsie is a sweet baby and I'm certain that will stay with her throughout her life!

My oldest sister, Cheyenne, just had her second a week ago! Price Aubrey (don't you love that name. It just screams SOUTHERN, which is fitting since they live in Sweet Home Alabama roll tide roll) I will be going down to the Dixieland at the end of October to help her out! I'm so excited. My niece, Olivia, is a little sprite. She has so much personality and I can't wait to spend time with her. I LOVE Alabama and I haven't been down there for about five years. PLUS I get to help out with their house/chores, trick-or-treating AND I get to be there for Price's baby blessing. How lucky am I--two baby blessings in one year!
AND we went to Lake Powell again this year, but I will post pictures and write about that at another time :)...We had a blast and I absolutley LOVE going down there. Daven's cousins are the best and I love spending time with them! WoNdErFuL!!

Here are some pictures of the latest additions to the Kearl Family! (They're not in the best order...I don't like blogger when it comes to uploading pictures):

Sleeping Beauty!

Price Aubrey Martin

Miss Olivia and baby brother!

What is Olivia doing? What a crazy girl!

My little pixie gnome!

Elsie and Mommy (Desiree)

Elsie and Daddy (Tyler)

Elsie Maline-a-bean :)