Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother, Dear

My mom is the greatest.

I know everyone says that about their mom, like how everyone thinks their kid is the cutest, but the difference is that my mom, Charmaine, really is the greatest. She's the greatest mom I've ever had and the greatest woman I've ever known. Honestly, dad, how did you get her? ;)

Here are a few reasons why I love my mother dear.

*My mom can whistle LOUD through her front teeth (we always knew where she was)
*She loves to public...when you're 13 especially
*Anyone that went to Milford Jr/Sr High School will tell you she was the BEST and SMARTEST substitute teacher they've ever had.
*She has a song for EVERYTHING. Her life is a musical
*She will tell you the horse is always the best actor in a movie; she's always right
*Helpmate, team mate, perfect mate all are perfect words to describe her role as a wife to my father
*She runs marathons, dives from the sky and skis on the slopes and on the waves
*If you asked her what the number 54 meant to her, she would have to think really, really hard because she won't realize that's her age. This is completely appropriate because she's more like a late 20's early 30's anyway.
*She's pretty good with a sewing machine, but give her a mallet and a maul and she'll make you the coolest leather anything in the world
*She loves her family
*She loves her country, she's like the female version of George Washington
*I learned photosynthesis, the operating parts of a combine, the cure for bee stings, how to birth a goat or a horse, how to hammer a nail, how to paint, how to plant, how to cook, how to sew, how to sing, how to work and how to learn from her
*She's my friend on facebook AND in real life
*She's a cowgirl at heart, but cleans up real nice
*She is a former rodeo queen, barrel racer, pole bender and calf roper
*She loves and respects animals, she is always in awe by God's creations
*She can change the oil, throw some hay, train a horse and then come inside and listen to opera
*She can beat you at any sport...and WILL beat you at any sport
*She will set up a tent on the trampoline and have a slumber party, just you and her
*She has ALL the patience in the world
*I swear she knows everything...history, biology, astronomy, computers, agriculture, medicine, Spanish, English...take your pick
*She can order chickens, garden tools and horse medicine from a farming magazine then relax with a bit of Shakespeare
*She was the mom on ALL the school trips usually by student request and her kids didn't mind either
*Staying up late to watch Diagnosis:Murder and then the 10 o'clock news with her, her husband and her daughter was the highlight of her least her daughter's day
*She's like Midas when it comes to coaching...anything she coaches whether it be soccer, softball or Odyssey of the Mind, the team is usually a champion...totally not kidding or exaggerating
*She was involved in sports and rodeo but didn't push that on her kids, in fact we all were the complete opposite...not sure where all those coordination genes went...
*She makes up her own words...and sometimes doesn't tell her kids that they're made up...
*She's always learning new things...which is weird because I'm pretty sure she's omniscient
*Kids naturally flock to her...I've never seen anything like it
*She has the same effect on animals too
*You know the Horse Whisperer? She's like the Everything Whisperer
*She will love the flowery lotion and spray you got her for Christmas but will be overjoyed to see the new pitchfork in the corner with a bow
*She's always creating something...a new landscape, a new interior design, pie, bread, rolls, love or laughter
*She loves to work in the Winter Quarters Temple, the work she does is so exciting and wonderful she has to contain herself...but no one ever said you can't quietly skip down the halls
*She misses her daddy but knows she will see him again and this time it will be forever
*Most any one of her friends and family would drop anything to do something for her because she HAS done anything and everything for them
*"Kindly heaven smiles above" when there is Charmaine
*People trust her
*The Lord trusts her
*She trusts the Lord

Here's to you, mom. I love you.