Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Music quite seriously does make the world go 'round

I have a lot of things to say/post, but I'm not going to write just yet. Apparently our blog is too "wordy." Daven wants us to post more pictures. OK, that's understandable. I'll make that my first priority before I post anything with more words. But, we don't really have any worth while pictures yet, so you'll have to wait until we snap some. I'll make us take a ton tonight.

I actually do have something to post; I shouldn't have gotten ahead of myself. One of my friends has just come out with a new CD (Trees and Other Shady Things) and Web site. His name is Eric Forsyth. He's like a mix of Jack Johnson and Joshua James (see "Joshua James" post in May). Anyway, if you go to his Web site ( you can listen to his music. It's very refreshing music with pure and genuine lyrics. I love it. You all should check it out and tell me what you think. Oh, you have to listen to his rendition of "Rocket Man" genius I say, GENIUS!

Monday, June 9, 2008


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Golly mama shut di de (or something like that)

So…Indiana Jones. As some of you may know, I am the biggest fan of John Williams. (Never heard of him?? Listen to JAWS, StarWars, Harry Potter and the Olympics!) It will come to no surprise when I tell you the music saved the movie. It was the only genuine bit in the whole thing. Sure we got to see Harrison’s half smile, listen to him call someone kid—albeit an illegitimate kid (yet another post)— and witness a betrayal of one of his supposed colleagues. BUT, they weren’t genuine; at least they weren’t performed genuinely.

All of the clich├ęs of Indiana seemed a little forced in this movie, not to mention a few of the themes were a bit far fetched (i.e. Jr. the III swinging through the trees like Tarzan or a character from Rudyard’s book, I’m sorry did I come to see a Spielberg/Lucas film or a Kipling re-make?)

Anyway, it was OK and I am grateful to finally experience Indy on the big screen and of course I’m always game to listen to Johnny on surround sound. Oh, and I’m pretty sure Cate Blanchett only blinked twice in the whole movie.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Daven and I are all moved in to our new apartment. We got in Thursday evening and with the help of Daven's dad and our new Elders' Quorum, we moved in within an hour and a half.

We're pretty impressed with our new ward. After we had moved in, our bishop stopped by to introduce himself and the missionaries and a couple of priests visited us today! They say it's a pretty small ward and they were a bit concerned how we would handle it coming from BYU-Idaho. I think they assumed we came from a large ward...

We love the area in which we live. There is a King Soopers (i.e. gigantic grocery store) directly across the street. TJMax, Home Goods, and two Super Wal-Marts all within a couple miles. HEAVEN! Most of you may know this, but Home Goods is part of TJMax which means all of the deco is super cheap. We found a massive clock with a pendulum for only $24. One at Wal-Mart that doesn't even compare is about $100. We also have two malls within a five mile radius and an outdoor mall as well.

Everything is pretty good; however, I have had a couple bad experiences. One was a crazy driver yelling obscenities at us and another was a crazy mother yelling even more obscenities...directed at me. Yeah, pretty sure I almost cried. Oh well.

Well, I should go to bed, but we saw the new Indiana Jones movie. I'll have to write about that in my next post. All I can say is hope it's the last one...