Thursday, May 22, 2008

Joshua James

Check out our playlist at the bottom and listen to Joshua James. He is our old friend from Nebraska and I think his songs are marvelous. I could only find a couple songs from, so if you want more you can click on this link:

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I'm back by popular demand! It turns out I'm a horrible least that is what it seems to be, however, I happen to have a great excuse as to why I haven't posted anything in two weeks.

Daven and I took a little road trip for a little bit of time to do a little job searching that turned into a BIG success. Daven received a great job offer with Key Equipment Finance and I have a few options under my belt as well.

Where are we going? Here's a hint...where can you find eight professional sports teams, more sunny days than Miami, Florida, a white-water rapid adventure in the middle of downtown and absolutely horrible traffic on I-25?

You guessed it--I hope :) We are headed to Denver, home of the Broncos, Rockies, Crush, Nuggets, Avalanche, Rapids, Barbarians and Mammoths (four of which I had never before heard) all within six short hours of good ole Lincoln, Ne. Which means we are now 600 times more likely to attend a Husker game over a Buffalo game...unless, of course, it's both.

We will grace the Mile High city with our presence by the end of next week, and no doubt with our mad skillz, we will bring it to even greater heights (I'm kidding, of course). Nevertheless, it's sad to think we will be leaving Rexburg behind. It is such a wonderful little town that holds all the memories of our married life thus far. It is especially sad to have to leave our fantastic ward. I cry just thinking about it. Sunday I was released as Primary President. I had been in the primary for almost a year and a half (not as president but as Nursery teacher and other callings) and even before then Daven and I always helped out when they needed us. So, really it seems like I've been in there since we've been in the ward. I had the hardest time holding back tears as I taught and interacted with our primary children for one of the last times. (I say "one of the last" because I secretly hope the new president will have me stay for our last Sunday, although I suppose it wouldn't be so bad to attend Sunday School with my husband like he's been longing for for the past few months and in Relief Society I want to sit by my friend Brittney-- who was my predecessor--in hopes she can coach me through the transition). That being said, the 51st ward kids are one of a kind. I could go through and list what each individual child has taught me, but a las...I'm running out of Kleenexes.

That's all the update I have time for at this moment. I'll try and do a better job to satisfy the needs of all my fans out there! Really, actually Desiree was the only one who pestered me for a new post. I am only assuming the rest of you felt the same.

Friday, May 2, 2008

The Best Channel in the World

Daven and I checked out a drama series from the local library (which I would recommend if you ever have the craving to rent a movie; you would be surprised what your neighborhood library has to offer, for FREE!) It is a late 90s series called "The Pretender." I've watched about eight episodes thus far, and I am pleasantly surprised at the lack of drugs, sex and violence. Rarely do they show anyone getting shot or dying. If a character does die, we find out via a close up of the day's newspaper headlines.

I really think it could have been a bigger hit, minus the fact that the camera work occasionally looks it was done by my mom who, even though we have had a camcorder for over 10 plus years has only managed to produce about five home videos. Ultimately, what I'm trying to say is I would much rather have poor lighting, sloppy editing and amateur camera work in a show rather than one riddled with drugs, sex and violence. Fortunately Daven and I do not have access to any of today's dramas as we are poor, unemployed college graduates and cannot afford cable. However, we are happy to stick with our favorite channel: The Madison Public Library.