Thursday, July 31, 2008

Tagger Ragger Do! first tag. My good friend, Whitney, from Rexburg tagged me on this one.

3 joys
1. Primary: I've been in primary for a while and, let me tell you, it is pure joy when I see them progress and learn in leaps and bounds.

2. Road Trips: These are joyous occassions probably because Daven usually does the driving. However, we always have some sort of crazy experience that makes its way to the record books (i.e. camping on an LDS church lawn or almost being struck by lightening)

3. Rex Family Reunions: When 300+ cousins, aunts and uncles get together for a weekend why wouldn't it be joyful?

1. Drwoning/not being able to breathe. How scary would that be? I get freaked out if I put a snorkling mask on.

2. Clowns: Why...who said putting on an over-excess of white make-up, drawing fake tears and wearing a huge red nose is funny? Where in is the humor? Actually, my fear originates from a giant stuffed clown my cousin, Tiffany, used to have...remember that Tiff? Yeah...thanks.

3. Birth Deffects: I'm just scared I wouldn't know how to handle it; I would probably keep blaming myself

3 goals (these are long-term goals...with the exception of #3--not that I'm pregnant (ahem...Brittney :) ), but hopefully sooner rather than later.)
1. Run a marathon: I will of course work up to that; intermittently running half marathons and such.

2. Sing with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir: I would love to be in the choir, but that requires living in Utah-- not that there's anything wrong with that, but as of now I don't forsee us living there.

3. Have four, or whatever is right, beautiful children.

3 Obsessions
1. OK, I'll admit it...I'm obsessed with the "Twilight" saga. I check the Web site everyday and I watch the trailers over and over.

2. Crosswords: I know tons of great Web sites for crosswords.

3. My mr. frodo

3 Random Facts
1. My cousin, Jenny, and I have matching moles on our right temples.

2. I can do the best Raptor impersonation you will ever see.

3. I absolutely love love love musicals. If you ask Daven he would say his marriage is a musical.

3 People I Tag

1. Marci: I really want to find out what her fears are.
2. Sarah: My absolute bestest V.T. companion; I miss having long talks with her.
3. Brittney: one of the most wonderful friends you could have.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

This one goes out to the one I love...

Ahhhh...I just got off the phone with one of my friends who is currently contemplating taking that eternal step of marriage. During the course of our conversation, I was delighted to share my experience with making that all-important decision. Call me selfish, but I loved talking about how I knew Daven was--and still is--the one for me. It brought up so many emotions and I hope you'll allow me to endulge in my selfishness as I list all the things I love about my hubby...
I love (and I probably shouldn't say this--especially on the Internet) how something specific about me is always hidden in his passwords
I love how he wiggles his head under my arm if he wants a hug
I love how he gets a little half smirk on his face when he is about to pull someones leg
I love how you can hear the half smirk in his voice when he tries to pull your leg over the phone
I love how he makes tense situations light
I love how he is so detail oriented...he always thinks of the little things even in his is sooo cute!
I love how he always thanks me for making dinner
I love how he is willing to wash the pots and pans
I love how he can never remember where he sets his phone or tv remote even though he always sets in the exact same place day after day
I love how we have the exact same tastes in movies
I love how we don't have the exact same taste in books...I could never survive reading "One Up on Wall Street" and other books of the sort
I love how he loves being in the scouts
I love how he looks on a wakeboard, skiis...water in general
I love how he never knows where to put the dish towels...I'll give you a hint Daven...they probably don't belong in the same cabinet as the appliances.
I love how he endures listening to me reading my writings/stories/blog entries to him all for the sake of editing

I love how he never knows exactly how to handle me during that time of the month
I love how he accomplishes ALL his goals
I love how he talks about his younger sisters and brother with me...he loves them so much
I love how he knows and understands--so perfectly it seems--his responsibility as a priesthood holder
I love how he is always learning
I love how he asks me to sing to him
I love how he thinks I actually have a good voice
I love how he sometimes forgets to flush and then denies it...well, OK, maybe I don't particularly love that
I love how he cares so much about the relationships he has made over the years
Most of all I love that he loves me!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Lake Powell Pictures

Finally. Here are some pics from Lake Powell. Our Internet is the slowest ever so these have seriously been weeks in the making. Hope you enjoy.

***Finally over the wake!***

*** do I get back?***

***Wakesurfing Savanna...hey, I try***

***Wakesurfing Daven***

***Not the best form, but at least I'm up***

***Cowboy Daven--His horse is his wakeboard and his country is the water***

***Landscape Arch--this arch's span is longer than a football field!***

***The famous Delicate Arch***

***The Three Gossips***

***Balanced Rock***

Sunday, July 6, 2008

America the Beautiful

OK, OK, OK...I'm so sorry I haven't posted in quite a while, but we were busy. Daven and I spent the last week in Lake Powell with his cousins. It was AMAZING!! Daven's cousins, Dave and Jeremy, both have a share of a house boat and they were kind enough to invite us to spend a week with them. We had an extra day before we met them so we went to Arches National Park. What a breathtaking experience. God's hand is so magestic, powerful yet delicate. Just looking at the land and the formations, you can tell the creation was done with so much love and care; with a touch only possible from the hand of an all-knowing artist.

We went from the fragile intricacies of the Arches to the commanding water-lined canyons of Lake Powell. America the Beautiful. What more can I say?

At Powell we spent most of our time on the house boat and being pulled, in one way or another, from behind Dave's Mastercraft. Most of you know I have never really been around boats at all, as a result, I have never learned the art of water sports. Well, not so anymore. I can now add skiing, wakeboarding, wakesurfing and boating to my list of hobbies. I love it. Last year I learned how to wakeboard and wakesurf. This year I somewhat-- but not really-- perfected those skills and I even learned how to ski. Sadly I pale in comparison to Daven. He is a monster when it comes to the lake. He makes it look so easy.

I was super grateful to learn all those skills and I have to tell Dave and Drey thank you for having the patience to teach me how to do everything. They had four kids of their own plus about seven other people wanting to ski, so it was nice they took the time.

Well, I have to unpack our camera, so I don't have any pictures available as of yet. That will for sure be my next post--promise!