Monday, December 22, 2008

The Quickest Update EVER!

1. We just purchased a new house
2. We don't have Internet yet
3. Daven and I are in Nebraska for Steph's wedding and Christmas
4. I'm using Mother Teresa's and Bishop Bob's Internet
5. No pics of the house because we left that memory chip in Colorado
6. Steph (my sister-in-law) looked exactly like Grandma Rex's Cinderella doll in her living room...Tiff, Steff you know which one I'm talking about?
7. This silly winter storm front is FREEZING!!! -18 in Colorado and - something or another in Nebraska
8. Daven and I had to rent a big red Ford F150 because of an ity-bity accident on the ice with our Honda...all is well, no worries it is being repaired in Colorado as we speak...type rather.
9. I don't like Fords
10. I don't like trucks
11. Yes, I know that sounds weird as I am a Kearl.
12. Baby Avery is cute
13. Makes me want to have one
14. Brittney...I received your package THANK YOU!!!!! (Everyone at church always comments on it and I love to tell them where it came from) Proper thank you forth coming.